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Wushanko, or the Eastern Lands, is an Asian theme continent, focused on new discoveries. At present, the visiting part of Wushanko consists of three islands in the Arc region. You may already know these from Player Owned Ports. More islands will be added in later updates. The islands are for members only.

Visit the islands

You can visit the islands by talking to Quartermaster Gully, on the pier just outside the pub in the north of Port Sarim. This one will go to Waiko Island for the first time, after which you can choose which island you want to visit on a map. Below you will see that map, as you see him on one of the islands. If you talk to Gully in Port Sarim, the two buttons are missing in the top.

Navigation card

Before you can visit the islands, you must first complete a mini-query at Trader Stan. Look for an explanation of the miniquest on the page below.

Picture Impressing the Locals Picture
The first time you visit the island region, you will see a short movie with some sharks. You can review this again at Quartermaster Gully. Buy RS Gold at


The island of Waiko is the trade center of the region. Here, ships usually come in to buy and sell goods, and to supplement their supplies. On the island you can fish and bamboo caps, and buy and sell goods. When you first exit the pier, you will be approached by Sharkborne, an infectious man with enchanting grin, who can answer some simple questions about the region and give you a tourist guide. You need to buy cheap Runescape gold.

The market

To get ahead in the region you need money. Because they work with their own money, chimes, you can not use your normal money. The easiest way to get to chimes is to collect raw materials such as fish or bamboo and sell them to the corresponding retailer. By first processing raw materials to other products, they provide more if you sell them to the marketers.


To the east of the market you can cut bamboo. Here you will need 90 Woodcutting. With 90 Fishing you can catch tarpon south of the market, and with 92 Fishing sometimes seerfish. The bait you need can be obtained from the fisherman for free. If you bought the limit in your aquarium that you do not need a fishing bait, you will not need a bait for these fish. The fish can be processed on a stove with oil, the bamboo can be combined with 96 Fletching. Old school RS Gold also available!

There is an upper limit on the number of chimes you can earn per day by selling processed products on the market. This can be increased at Boni. More on this you can read further.

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