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gnomeball is a small game played by gnomes. You can join alone, together with your friends, and earn a little bit of agility and ranged xp at the same time. The gnome field is located in the north-western corner of Tree Gnome Stronghold. To do Gnomeball, you basically do not need anything. A good Agility and Ranged level and some food can be handy.If you want to buy cheap RS gold, check out our partner at

When you enter the gate on the west side of the field, you will see some things. At the top right of your screen you will see the score. Furthermore, you will see the “gnomeball referee” at the gate. He explains the rules and gives you a gnomeball to play with.

The goal of the game is to get the ball to the other side of the field and throw it in the net. To throw, you must click on “shoot” at the gnome goal.


During play you will be bothered by gnomeballers from the opponent who try to catch your ball. These gnomes wear yellow, red or orange clothes. If you manage to catch your ball, you lose the ball, but you’ll get some damage too. To get the ball back you will have to tackle the gnome baller. You may only get back the ball after a few times.


Because of losing the ball of course, you do not jump, you also have gnomes that help you. These “gnome wingers”, who are dressed in green, can give you the ball by clicking on “pass-to” when you have the ball. Then you throw the ball to the gnome baller and you can calm down to the other side and get the ball back from your team. That way you can easily score. Buy RS gold or RS Gold 07 cheap!

During the play you will be encouraged by cheerleaders who are shouting along the field. Outside the field you can also talk to the “gnome coach”. He can tell your stories about Gnomeball’s history, the tactics and some famous gnomeballers.

The game is over if you have made 5 goals. For each goal you get a little Agility and Ranged XP, with a bonus at the fifth goal.

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