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The Mahjarrat (pronounced as Mah-Jor-Raht) are warlike creatures that originate from another dimension, Freneskae. They are one of the strongest creatures living on Gielinor and are able to use very strong magic. They were, like their original world Freneskae, created by the Frenesian Creator God, one of the almighty elder gods. Also, their lifespan is very long because they can be several thousand years old. Death by age rarely occurs: most Mahjarrat die in fighting or as a sacrifice in their rituals. Mahjarrat are also a lot bigger than people, about one and a half times larger.  Buy RS gold or RS Gold 07 cheap!

Freneska to Gielinor

They were brought from Freneska to Gielinor by the desert god Icthlarin, but soon the Mahjarrat let him down and became followers of Zaros. They were also named The Stern Judges or Icthlarin or The Faceless Ones by the Kharidian desert residents, but such names are not often used anymore. The Mahjarrat quest series is about this breed, but they also come in a number of other quests, as they usually play a major role in Gielinor’s history. Get your cheap Runescape gold at 4rsgold!


Most Mahjarrat chose Zamorak as he betrayed Zaros at the end of the Second Age. This caused a deep divide within the Mahjarrat between the followers of Zamorak and those who remained true to Zaros. It is not known how many Mahjarrat live on Gielinor today, as Azzanadra says: “” Take note, mortal, there may be one hundred of us in this world, with many more tens who have returned from other worlds but just as well, only ten left, each as powerful as one of your armies. “After the eighteenth ritual there are nine (ten with Hazeel) known and living Mahjarrat.

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