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being hacked is of course not fun. You’ve spent a lot of time in your account, so it’s no good if you suddenly lose your entire account. However, you usually have it in your hand. Are you always watching what you open and download? Do you only use your password on RuneScape itself? Never watch someone if you type your password and leave nobody else on your account? Then the chance that you will be hacked will not be that big. Hackers never come to your password, they always get you by mistake or by someone on the same computer as you are. Go to 4rsgold if you want:

Basic tips

There are some tips that you can easily imagine. They usually come down to ensuring that no one can find out your password. Just submit your password to the forms at or the other Jagex websites, namely FunOrb and War of Legends.

  • Do not let anyone look into signing your password, even your best friend.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Do not write your password and do not save it to your computer.
  • Do not tell anyone your password. Also your best friend not.
  • Take a hard password. See below for tips.
  • Do not take passwords with family birthdates, names of your grandmother or other things that are easy to guess for your “friends”.
  • Use your password for RuneScape only. Also nowhere.
  • Just enter your password on RuneScape, FunOrb and War of Legends. Other sites that require your RuneScape password are always hacked sites.
  • Certainly the sites that promise you free stuff or a trial version of a new RuneScape.
  • Beware of scammers. Read more about scam tricks here.
  • Save the code you get after becoming a member. This allows you to recover your account.
  • Do not open strange left with illegal things, so you can also be infected with viruses and keyloggers.
  • Do not accept items that just come on your screen with things like! CLICK HERE TO PROCEED !. These are often companies that want to install advertising on your computer.
  • Do not see Jagex emails in which your password is requested, attachments or free trial versions. Jagex only uses email to let you know about lost accounts, forgotten passwords and the like. However, they will try to act as much as possible through the website and will never ask for personal information in e-mails. Email addresses at @ or @ are easy to falsify. Do not go over there. Use your common sense!
  • People can never make you member without paying, give people who say they can never get your password!
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded all the essential updates from Windows Update
  • Register your e-mail address at so Jagex can contact you when needed.
  • Change if your member is the name of your doll. Because of this, people only know the name of your doll, but not your login name.

Malafide programs

Usually, all programs that are not healthy for your computer are called spyware. A spy is English for a spy, true comes from software. Spyware are programs that are meant to retrieve information from your computer.

Unfortunately, there are people who want to install programs on your computer to get important information. An example of this is a keylogger. You can get it by downloading or installing programs that are untrusted. A keylogger is a program that stores everything you enter. He stores it when you press an arrow on your keyboard, but he also stores the letters you type. This way he can save the letters of your password. What you type in sends the program to an attacker, causing the hacker to have your password. With a password it will not be so hard to hack you.

Therefore, never take programs from people you do not trust. Do not use autominers, world switchers or other strange programs for RuneScape, as they are usually keyloggers.

Viruses can also cause major damage to your computer. They can install other programs, but also delete important files from your computer. Also, hackers can access your computer and steal your password. An example of how viruses spread is MSN. A virus spreads to any contact in the victim’s list a link with “Here you look like: [link to a program]” or something that looks like that. When you click on it, a virus will be installed on your computer, which also reads “Here you look like: [link to a program]” to all contacts of your list. That’s how the virus goes on all the time.

Delete Malafide programs

Of course, prevention is better than healed. Never install anything that you do not trust.

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