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Easy tasks

Requirements: You must have completed Biohazard, Gertrude’s Cat, Plague City, Rune Mysteries and Tower of Life. You also need 16 Thieving and 15 Fishing. If you have not done Monk’s friend yet, you need a friend who has done the quest. If you are looking to buy cheap RS gold, go to and check out their RS Gold and also cheap old school Runescape gold.

Items: Silk, cat (no kitten), cow hide, unicorn horn, money, ring or dueling


  • Once 1,000 xp in a skill of your choice. The skill must be 25 or higher if you want to get xp. You also get an ardougne cloak 1. Talk to Dr. Orbon in the Ardougne church for your reward. When wearing the cloak
  • Unlimited teleporting to the monastery south of East Ardougne.
  • More drops of monsters from the Tower of Life will be noted.
  • The chances are that you will be cut off when you book stalls in Ardougne.At all times
  • You will receive twice as many death runes (200) if you submit your cat to residents in West Ardougne.
  • You will receive a 10% prayer boost while playing Castle Wars.

Average tasks

Requirements: You have to complete Enlightened Journey, Fairy Tale Part II – Cure a Queen, The Hand in the Sand, Kennith’s Concerns, Meeting History, Plague City, Sea Slug and Tower of Life. You also need 39 Agility, 21 Ranged, 38 Strength, 46 Mining, 51 Magic, 49 Farming, 3 Fishing and 38 Thieving.

Items: Drama or Lunar Staff if you have not yet done Fairy Tale Part III, Mithril Crossbow or Later, Mithril Grapple, Pure Essence, Rubium or Pickaxe, Spade, 3 Watermelon Seeds, Seed Dibber, 2 Law Runes, 2 Water Runes, yew logs (10 if you’ve never been to Castle wars with hot air balloons), Enchanted Key, Fishing Rod with bait or small fishing net, Pickaxe, Raw swordfish, Raw chicken. Possibly a normal log.


  • Once 7,500 xp in a skill of your choice. The skill must be 45 or higher if you want to get xp. Your ardougne cloak 1 is enchanted into an ardougne cloak 2. Get your reward at the Town Crier in the Ardougne square.
  • When wearing the cloak:
  • You can teleport with the cape to the allotment patch north of Ardougne
  • You can better sack in Ardougne
  • You’ll get even more noted drops of creatures of Tower of Life
  • You have a greater chance of more runes at Ourania altar At all times
  • You can get 100 pure essences per day of the Cromperty wizard
  • You can ask the town crier in Ardougne to let your ring or life teleport to Ardougne if it is activated

Difficult Tasks

Requirements: You must have completed Back to My Roots, Catapult Construction, Legends’ Quest, Lunar Diplomacy, Monkey Madness, Tower of Life and Watchtower. You also need 71 Magic, 65 Thieving, 59 Hunter, 59 Slayer, 57 Agility and 57 Farming. You must also have 500 songs.

Items: Combat bracelet of skills necklace, weapon, food, 3 law runes, 8 earth runes, 2 astral runes, gloves of silence, Giant Frog legs of Giant Frogs, Raw Cave Eel (Fishing), Graham of a Karamja Monkey, Hatchet , seed dibber, knife, small fishing net, shout, lockpick. Armor can be useful. You must also have a papaya or coconut tree in your farming patch at Tree Gnome Village.


  • Once 28,000 xp in a skill of your choice.
    To get the xp, the skill must be at least level 60. Your ardougne cloak 2 will be enchanted into an ardougne cloak 3. Get your reward at Aleck at the Hunter Store in Yanille.
  • When wearing the cloak:
  • When you throw a chest in Ardougne Castle or under the Chaos Druids’ Tower, you will be tortured to a place north of the north bank of East Ardougne instead of a random location.
  • Will more samples of the samples in the Tower of Life be noted.
  • There will be less chance of being discovered by bagrolling or ordering stables.
  • Wizard Cromperty will give you 150 listed pure essence every day.
  • Possibility to exchange the Watchtower Teleport with Yanille Teleport.

Elite tasks

Requirements: You must have completed Mage of Zamorak (Abyss), Rune Mysteries and Wolf Whistle. You also need 93 Summoning, 82 Thieving, 81 Fishing, 91 Smithing, 69 Fletching, 10 Crafting and 75 Runecrafting.

Items: Abyssal titan pouch, stuff for fishing trawler, lockpick, pure essence, runecrafting giant pouch, rune bar, hammer, knife, raw meat, yew logs


  • Four times 50,000 xp in a skill of your choice. The skill must be 85 or higher if you want to get xp. Your ardougne cloak 3 will be enchanted to an ardougne cloak 4. Get your reward at Aleck in the Yanille Hunter Store.
  • When wearing the cloak:
  • Unlimited teleport to the farm patch north of Ardougne
  • Junk of the Fishing Trawler will be converted to useful stuff
  • There is now a small chance that you will make two rune crossbow limbs at Yanille
  • The cape allows you to reload your summoning points once a day

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